Hyde Lang

Hello World!

Hi! This website is rendering HTML generated by Hyde, a language I created after following the guide from Robert Nystrom's book Crafting Interpreters.

I highly recommend you check out his book if you're interested in learning about how programming languages really work.

You're reading this website from a Hyde script that is generating HTML. I implemented Hyde on top of Python -- it can be installed via pypi.

This application is hosted on Heroku using the standard Python buildpack, which installs Hyde as a dependency. From there, it uses .hy and .html.hy files in place of .html files to render webpages!

Be sure to read the About page for more info!

You can also check out the source code for Hyde here or this demo repo here.

I'm ty-porter, a professional Rails developer during my day job.

Want to read more about my work? Check out my portfolio or my blog!